Diamond Drilling In Concrete
 Floor Sawing
Access Drilling's Diamond floor sawing can be carried out with a variety of our pedestrian operated machines powered by Diesel, petrol or 3 Phase electric. These machines are used mainly for Civil Engineering and groundwork companies to cut reinforced concrete or asphalt to facilitate the removal of redundant material. The benefit of Access's Floor Sawing methods are that they leave the remaining floor slab undisturbed, this in turn gives our clients a clean line for reinstatement after either laying new drainage, machine bases or building foundations.  

Access offers a flexible full service to meet the absolute majority of our clients sawing requirements. Access Floor Sawing service offers a maximum cutting depth of 500mm into reinforced concrete or Asphalt with our 74 hp diesel machine.

Electric Sawing
Our 3-Phase electric saw is capable of a maximum cutting depth of 200mm. This machine is used for internal jobs where internal combustion engines cannot be used due to the Carbon Monoxide emissions. General locations where this electric saw is normally used are Hospitals, Offices, Banks, Airports and Warehouses, where it is the perfect tool for efficiently cutting a variety of requirements such as new floor trunking, drainage, loading bay constructions and internal building foundations.

Health and Safety
Access Drilling's floor sawing is virtually vibration-free, along with the fact that our staff can operate these machines with very little effort.

Also, with our new sawing equipment becoming semi-automated, contact time is reduced therefore reducing fatigue. This also serves to keep Access and all it's operatves safely within HAV requirements.