Diamond Drilling In Concrete
 Track Sawing

Wall sawing or Track Sawing is used to saw reinforced concrete walls and floors for a variety of applications such as openings for new ventilation ducts, windows, doorways or to reduce the height of existing walls. They are also be used to cut floors where access for a conventional floor saw is restricted such as corridors, stairwells, service risers also due to the versatility of the modern machinery the track can be fixed to staircases (using special mountings) in situations where the width of the staircase needs to be reduced, where the gradient is too great making it impossible to safely control a floor saw. 

Thanks to special mountings it is now possible to cut on angles of upto 45 degree, this is especially effective for re-modelling of concrete structures such as cutting weirs (see photo's below, cutting carried out on 15 Degree Angle) this is a proved method saving money not only on demolition but also re-construction costs. 



   3 Phase Hydraulic:

 This is a traditionally used track saw which is powered by a 3 Phase hydraulic power pack, the only downside to this machine is the weight of the power pack can restrict work in certain areas unless there is mechanical lifting equipment. 

 Operationally, the track is secured to the structure which is to be cut, this can be placed with absolute precision so an exact cut can be made.

 The saw Head, to which the blade is attached, is secured to the track and then all guards and hydraulic pipes are attached.

  The hydraulic power pack, a 3-Phase electric hydraulic pack features integral controls for the saw head and are used 10 Metres away from the work area, therefore any risk to the operator is very low indeed.

  High Frequency 3 Phase

 This is an electronically controlled unit, it is much lighter than previous saws . As it is lightweight each part can be carried easily by 1 person giving it more portability and therefore easier access to more restricted areas such as plant rooms and roof areas with no mechanical lifting equipment. Unlike the hydraulic saw there are no pipes to connect consequently eliminating other hazards such as oil leaks and the potential for pipes to burst. It is a remote controlled equipment once it is secured in place, and like the hydraulic saw is operated from a distance up to 10 metres away.

 For Example Projects carried out using the Track saw please see Case Studies.

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